Einladung Yorkshire

Mittwoch, 16.11.2022 | 19:00 – 20:30 Uhr

„The Rebirth of Yorkshire and the English Regions”

Devolution and independence from London is not only a matter for Wales and Scotland, but also for areas within England, which historically was a federation of nations and provinces right up until the 11th century. As a follow-up to his very successful talk in Spring, Colin Speakman will take Yorkshire as a case study and show the importance of regional identity and how the devolution of decision-making down to the local and community level is essential given the present-day financial and environmental challenges. And those seeking photographs of beautiful Yorkshire landscapes and a touch of Yorkshire humour will not be disappointed!

The talk will be given in English, but follow-up questions can be asked in either English or German.

16th November 2022, 19.00 – 20.30


Meeting ID: 834 3876 8041

Passcode: 508460

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